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Business Process Designing

How it works?

Conducting a business in a systematic and disciplined manner with the backing of Standard Operating Procedures, Systems, Policies and procedures brings in effective internal controls and built-in monitoring systems that will help business heads and leaders to focus on the bigger picture – growth & expansion. 

Building an efficient process driven platform with effective systems & processes accompanied by appropriate SOPs and Policies is surprisingly NOT a one-time activity and hence needs an independent suite for implementation.

Designing and Development of Systems and Process is not the only feat, the even more critical matter is the effectual and successful implementation of these and practicing or following such defined systems & processes.

Business Journey – A Reality Mapping (ARM)

Want to Make Your Organization Process Driven? How Do I Know When? What to Do?

Process Illustration – Collection Management – A Working Capital Impact

Scenario 1 – Entrepreneur Run Business

  • To be drawn by Entrepreneur
  • Still Maintained in Personal Connect.
  • Hence to be done by Entrepreneur itself
  • To be done by Entrepreneur itself at convenience
  • Done when CASH CRISIS is felt by the Entrepreneur
  • No timely or effective monitoring
  • To be done by Entrepreneur itself
  • No space for systematic or hierarchical approach
  • Frustration of Working Capital Crunch
  • Huge Bad Debts to be treated as Loss
  • No timely or effective monitoring
  • No timely Analysis
  • No timely follow up based on Credit Terms
  • Requirement or Crunch Based Collection impacts WC Management Cycle
  • Leads to continuous downfall of fund position

Scenario 2 – Process Driven Business

  • Scheduled report through well-defined Management Information System (MIS) system
  • Customer Relationship Management role
  • Dedicated process executed by designated persons
  • Follow up schedules defined as per Credit Terms synchronized with Working Capital Cycle set
  • Follow up done at different levels as per defined process
  • Entrepreneur intervention only at defined stages
  • Stage related actions and interventions defined by Collection Process set
  • Timely interventions minimizes Bad Debts
  • Working Capital Management becomes smoother and effective
  • Fund availability is ensured
  • Entrepreneur is eased of any Fund crunches
  • Helps create cash rich business
  • Supports Entrepreneur’s growth & expansion goals
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