Corporate Skilling

As important as it is to create and run a business is to keep acquiring knowledge. Entrepreneurs invest and focus on the core competencies that form the crux or base knowledge of the business itself. Time and efforts for other aspects of business is limited in the struggle to set up and keep the business and the organisation afloat.

WHy learning accounting & finance is critical

Hence professional learning about areas like Accounts and Finance Management is mostly kept at bay and handed over to experts or support team.

It is highly desirable for any business owner or entrepreneur to learn the number game so that conversing with the Accountant, Book-Keeper, Chartered Accountant and more importantly understand the language of Accounting, becomes easy and fruitful.

what do you learn with us

Prohub Learning, a flagship vertical of the company provides such customized and group sessions exclusively for entrepreneurs covering

  • Accounting Framework for Business
  • Accounting concepts,
  • Accounts Classification, Transaction Accounting Basics
  • Accounting System,
  • Data Management
  • MIS
  • Accounting Reports and its impacts
  • Reading Financial Statements
  • Ratio Analysis 

Learning Programs

Prohub 3

Accounting & Finance Simplified


Financial Statement Analysys


Business Process


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